Where has Keith Olberman gone? When will he be back?

Like a junkie needing his fix, I don’t think I could of sanely transversed the reality of the Bush administration without Keith Olbermann. Smart ass Olbermann was there with the facts about the naivety of the mildly retarded Dubya and his toy hammer of Christian justice, Dick Cheney. Don’t leave me for too long Keith. Sure, I can get a fix of rationality from Lawrence and Rachel, but it doesn’t taste the same. I find myself day dreaming that you and Janeane Garofalo ran away together; soon to be followed by Rachel Maddow is a spectacular three-way liberal love-fest. Leaving me with a huge ugly wart on the end of my cock named Chris Matthews. Oh, the horror. The horror.


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It’s about justice!! To be tried as a black adult? How unfair is this? Scaggs is her only hope now. If it wasn’t for Brook Alverez on the fact zone, we may never have learned about this travesty of a sham of a shakedown of a travesty of a sham.


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