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Merry Christmas to the charlatan Deepak Chopra

Holy crap. I forgot to post my favorite christmas song.

Merry Fucking Christmas,t=1,mt=video
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Sam Harris and Michael Shermer vs. Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston

Do yourself a favor and watch the whole series. Sam Harris slaps down Deepak Chopra.



A letter to a former Christian Nation

We need to let this Christian country know why Jesus has deserted us. Why has decadency and greed enveloped this once great nation? I fear we are suffering from a severe large Jesus shortage. I wouldn’t be surprised if the United States has dropped to number 7 or 8 in rankings of Jesus by square footage.

On June 14th of this year we lost touchdown Jesus due to daddy lightning. And then, bam!, Poland came out of last place to consecrate the world’s largest Jesus in November. Fucking Poland!

Just to re-cap, lets look at the scoreboard under the biggest Jesus category. USA: 0 , Poland: 1. Are you going to take that lying down Christian America?!? As far as I’m concerned we can’t call this a real Christian nation if Poland has the largest Jesus. How can anyone?

Christendom was built on the best is biggest principle. Like the Pope, whoever has the biggest hat gets to be in charge. (They won’t let you into the Vatican if your hat is bigger.) We need a bigger Jesus.

If you want this to be Christian nation again it is upon the Christians of America to rededicate themselves and bring honor back to this country. Currently that Polack Jesus is 108 feet tall – (Jesus didn’t use no metric system, why should we?)

I say we build a one thousand foot Jesus. Lets hold that record for all times. This time he should be animatronic. We’ve never had this kind of technology before. Maybe the new giant Jesus should do more than point down at the sinners. Let’s make it so he can talk with a big booming voice, “I am the big Jesus. You will bow down before me, sinners!!!” (I’ll work the mic.)

And then, once a day, as pilgrims gather at sunset, on the shore of a crystal lake in the mountains, the giant Jesus would scold everyone, pull down its pants, squat, and shit out a huge of steaming pile of loathing and shame. (mixed in with a little poop.) I imagine that pile would look and smell like Ann Coulter.

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Let’s bring Jesus back to this country.

The Pope is trying to rape your child

I am shocked. Shocked, I say, to learn that the Catholic church is now mired in another banking scandal. Money laundering scandal rocks Vatican Bank

Who would of thought that people that work in a child rape cult would lie about money?

Systemic child rape has been going on in the Catholic Church for decades; maybe centuries and the best we can do is get them for wire fraud. There’s no ambiguity. There’s no challenge to the facts or the morality of what’s been going on. I don’t know anyone that is pro- child rape. And still, there they are: The Catholic Church child rape gang.

From the very beginning the Catholic Church has used a systematic approach to dealing with the accusations. Coerce, deny, lie, accuse the accuser, and when confronted with the truth, claim ignorance. Apparently the Church has been allowed a line item veto of the 10 commandments when it comes to lying.

Sinéad O’Connor tore up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night live in October of 1992. No one listened when she told them why. No one could believe that large numbers of priests were raping children. Maybe that is what this is about. Maybe the public just hasn’t accepted the facts. Do yourself a favor, click thru youtube find out for yourself. Listen to the victims themselves and maybe the fog of religion will depart your mind.

Lets be clear. This isn’t a child abuse sex scandal in the Catholic Church. Catholic priests didn’t just molest children. They brutally raped them. Over, and over, and over again. Today those kids, now adults, are broken. Hundreds of thousands of them. Broken before they had their first kiss; before their first date.

Don’t be confused by the language the Catholic rapists would prefer to use. These rapes are horrific. If you consider the number of suicides involved, these rapes were also deadly. Imagine if you were raped and your rapist contended that you were at fault; that you wanted it; that you were damned to hell for all eternity for lying about such things. Now imagine that the police and everyone in the community believed the rapist.

Now we know. We have proof. We have extensive confessions from the rapists themselves. We know the catholic church knew and helped cover up these rapes. If that wasn’t enough, the church also did their best to hide those pedophile priests, knowing full well those men would continue in their compulsion to rape children. It was more than depraved indifference. The Catholic church knew, and appeared to desire, their priests to continue raping children. It’s still going on. It hasn’t stopped because the media has shown a light on the issue. It hasn’t stopped because the Pope absurdly told them to stop.

The religious disconnect

No. The earth was not created six thousand years ago. The creationist position of “because-the-so” isn’t the other side of any kind of argument. The creationists are wrong; end of story; Katy bar the door. The creationists reality is not reality. There is no ambiguity – just religious nonsense.

Today I watch in horror as normally rational people defend child rape the same way fans of Michael Jackson defended him. “Because-the-So.” That turd under the pillow continues manifest itself as a sincere religious disconnect that makes me wonder if I’ve overdosed on crazy pills. Was that a LSD/rufee/peyote cocktail or has child rape been legalized? Why hasn’t our government begun legal proceedings against this organized child rape gangs? Because the so.

Which is worse: a pedophile priest that is currently raping 5-10 children a week and is always working toward raping more? Or, is it the apologist, the defender of the child rapists?

Ron Johnson is now a Senator from Wisconsin. Keith Olbermann called out this despicable human being. Check it out:

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Sen. Johnson opposed a Wisconsin bill that would have made it easier for child sex abuse victims to sue their abusers. The bill would have eliminated the time limit for future victims to bring a lawsuit, and would have opened a three year window to sue for past victims whose time limit had already expired.

Sen. Johnson is a monster. Don’t be fooled by these monsters, these psychopaths. The Catholic Church does not speak for Jesus. It has no morality at all. Just ask the Pope if condoms cause AIDS. Regardless of recent papal proclamations the Catholic Church continues to teach this deadly nonsense to millions of illiterate Africans who don’t know that the Pope lies. Time and time again, with deadly consequences.

The catholic church is evil. The Pope is evil. Just saying he is not Because-the-So is not an acceptable answer.

My favorite religious posters

Jesus is watching you. No reason, he just likes to watch.