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Help support Joad Cressbeckler!!

Help support Joad Cressbeckler!! Did you know that Joad don’t respect a man unless he done lost a body part in the war!

Rachel Maddow interviewing Rand Paul

Rachael Maddow interviewing Rand Paul. It’s a true pleasure to watch Rachael Maddow work. It doesn’t help the candidate when he won’t answer the question.

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George Rekers is completely hetrosexual

George Rekers is completely hetrosexual – Roy Zimmerman

George Rekers my favorite hypocrite

Once again Jacob over at Contextual Criticism has beaten me to the punch on this one. I love Rachael Maddow, and I enjoy her arguments against hypocrisy. This time it’s about the hypocrisy of George Rekers. Do we really need a brighter indication that these haters do not speak for God?

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On another topic, maybe Jacob has not seen these videos:

The new art form of video editing

Michael Jackson – – – I’m convinced this the first A capella cloned boy band.

I can’t get enough of this tune.

Train Driving thru Bangkok Market. The tea-baggers have it soooooo tough.

It’s not really a party without a sledgehammer bomb!!!

One of my favorite songs:

A Message to the Tea Party

Jacob at Contexual Criticism republished an internet favorite “A Message to the Tea Party.” So, I thought I’d add to the message a bit. . . Here’s my own version:

A Message to the Tea Party

Where have you been?

When Bush drove the deficit to over a trillion dollars, where were you? Didn’t you care? Oh, but now you care about the deficit???? When Cheney leaked the name of a covert CIA operative there was not a peep from your kind. And by “your kind” I mean middle-age, upper-middle-class, fat white people. Or was that you condemning the media for the leak?

When the Congress passed the “Patriot Act” and all the government intrusion you complain about was made legal I didn’t hear a word from the baggers.

You did nothing when we invaded a country that posed no threat to us thus leading to the deaths of 5, 425 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. (to date) Casualties count in the tens of thousands. I’m assuming you don’t care about the 600,000 – 1,000,000 civilians that have been killed since we invaded.

That’s okay. You’ve made it quite clear, only high taxes and a skyrocketing deficits bother you. So, where was your outrage when we spent over $600 billion dollars on this war? In case you haven’t noticed, the war is still on going. I haven’t heard you protest about that deficit spending. I have heard you decry corruption in our government and yet you have nothing to say about the $10 billion that just disappeared in Iraq.

I hear your lamentations of being marginalized and ridiculed. Most groups with moral decency would have spoken out against torture. But not you. Your concern seems to be over the sanctity of the Constitution. Fair enough. But I don’t remember hearing your complaints when Bush began illegally wiretapping all Americans. You also weren’t there to march in protest when you saw the horrible conditions injured soldiers were enduring at Walter Reed Hospital. For you, New Orleans was no never mind. And still you cry out that no one is listening.

Try to understand, it’s difficult to take you seriously regarding fiscal responsibility when this government gave $900 billion in tax breaks to those that are already rich.

When you finally had the misplaced courage to protest, you did it in the nastiest fashion. And what were you protesting? The right of citizens to see a doctor if they are sick. That’s cold hearted.

I’m sorry, but to the average, hard working American, it sounds like you are a little bit full of shit.

It was George Bush that exploded the deficit. No, that’s not a lie. That’s a fact. I understand, you must of been sleeping the last eight years. But I hear your pleas to lower taxes. So, how, for-the-love-of-God, can you be angry with our President after he lowered your taxes? Seriously, what-the-fuck? And, if you’re angry with banks, why are you not marching on Wall Street?

One last thing. . . . .You need to learn what the word “socialism” means. Every time you say the word socialism you sound like an idiot.

You keep using that word. I do not think that word means what you think it means.” – – – Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride.

“It’s not about the exotic animals, Dewey.

It’s about love you stupid piece of shit.” – – – Dewey Cox’s first wife in Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox story.