My Favorite Tattoos

My favorite Tattoos:

I get it. I understand why people feel the need to express themselves. But I’ve always been critical of people who get ordinary, run-of-the-mill, everyday tattoos. Why bother if your tattoo is like everyone else? Over the last year I’ve been collecting my favorites.

Wild thing, I think I love you.

Everything tastes all inky.

Check out my muscles.

This guy stole the tattoo from Rudy Giuliani.

Not too many people know about the rare penis butterfly. Please note the Prince Albert.

I’d like Patrick Swayze as a centaur and please fuck up the face a little bit.

Could this be Stephen Colbert’s arm? It seems like something he’d do.

There will be a slight delay as we go thru security at the airport.

Work hard and one day you could have six pack abs.

I saw this in a dream once.

Who doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly?

Wookie Tattoo – Judging from the amount of hair this may be a tattoo of his mother.

Baby tats.

Yeah, this one’s a little creepy.

This one requires you polish your head twice a day.

My personal favorite: I don’t know why.

This one came with a free happy meal. Sponsored by McDonalds

I hear voices:

Jurassic tattoo:

They call him nipple buns.

It’s the hot ice you gotta look out for.

Another problem going thru airport security.

What a cute kitty.

The Simpsons never get old.

Can’t wait to show you grandchildren this one:

He may be from Roswell.

That’s Ms. Pac Man to you.

Chuck Norris. A tattoo that will give you a round house kick to the face.

How do you even ask for this one?

He’s a stoned cold dolphin fan.

No tramp stamp. She likes to ride bikes.

Snakes on a Plane. A move classic.


Why would you have it crying?

Ray Romano’s old girlfriend.


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