Monthly Archives: February 2010

Keith Olbermann and Life Panels – – – An American Cry for Help

Once again, Keith touches my heart.

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Congressman Charlie Wilson will be missed

Charlie Wilson died. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, you have missed out. He was a hell of a man, and he will be missed. A friend of my parents, he would routinely stop by my house when I was a child. On one occasion my mother had to put him to bed in my room. When I was eight there was only one way to respond to a snoring drunk. Mom and dad came in the next morning to find Charlie, still sleeping, covered in toys.

Westboro Baptist Church. Do they come any crazier?

I love San Francisco. They know how to handle crazies. Somehow they were tipped off about the appearance of the infamous crazyboro church. What do you say to God Hates Fags? San Francisco says, “I have a sign.”

The city with its own food (Rice-a-roni), also responded with a unicorn.

How weird is your thinking?