Star Wars Christmas Special. – – – HAPPY LIFE DAY!!!

The actual name is “The Star Wars Holiday Special,” because there really is nothing Christmas-ee about this. Instead of “Christmas” they call it “Life Day.” That’s right, the war on Christmas started in 1978.

You may ask yourself, how widespread was LSD was in the late 70’s?

I’m assuming that the same people who created this as a holiday show also produced “The Banana Splits” and “HR Puff-n-Stuff.” What astounds me is the casting. Bea Arthur? Art Carney? Harvey Korman? How weird can this get before it starts making sense? If you actually have an hour to kill, here’s the whole thing. The commercials are a scream.

Here’s the 5 minute version.

Happy Life Day?

“Today is a good day to die.” – – – Old Klingon proverb. I understand this now.


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