Rod Blagojevich, the greatest show on earth. Tonight, on Maddow

Rod Blagojevich. What? I don’t. . . What? What is he saying? I don’t get it. And this nonsense has gone on waaaay too long. This can’t be real. Innocent people don’t act like this. No one acts like this. Were the recordings of Rod’s phone calls part of a radio play broadcast out of his basement? What possible defense is there when there isn’t any defense? And then it hit me. Blago’s wig gave it away. I had seen that hair before. That hair belongs to Tony Clifton. Rod Blagojevich is Andy Kauffman.

It’s the perfect ending to Kauffman’s story. We all suspected Kauffman faked his own death back in ‘84. 25 years later, it was time for Kauffman to pounce. Sure, he had some face work done, but you can’t miss those crazy-time-at-the-Apollo eyes. Only Andy Kauffman would find joy in ridiculous prattle in the face of such damning evidence. If Andy did die then we’re going to need an exorcism. Andy is running Blago’s brain. Blago, uh . . . I mean Andy will on Maddow this evening. I’ll make popcorn.

What a guy. Hell of human being. Entertainer extraordinaire, lover, fighter, the immaculate, . . . . Tony Clifton. How does he do it?

If it turns out I’m wrong about the whole Blag-Kauffman connection, the only way this makes sense is if the cops find two kilo’s of blow in his trunk, otherwise, I just don’t get it.

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