Built on Lies – The Church of Scientology, the Mormon Church

What is a cult? Is Scientology a cult? Hell yes it’s a cult. The time for debating such questions has long passed. Scientology may be the best example of a world-wide cult. Calling themselves a church for the tax-exempt status should be a cult beacon. Even a small amount of research yields a plethora of the bullshit they are selling. If there was ever anything you would think we could all believe in, this is it. Scientology is a cult and these cults should not receive tax exempt status. So says my Annonymous pin-up girl!

This video is a little long but it tells the true story of these poor people.
Protest at Scientology’s International Headquarters 19 Jan 2009 from Doug Owens on Vimeo

For those lost lonely souls, with low self-esteem, searching for meaning in their lives, lusting for acceptance, Scientology is a dream come true. “If they can show the way to success, maybe I’m just not trying hard enough.” Scientology sells answers, and like any religion, rewards devotion.

For most, it’s a waste of time.

I recently heard they abducted The Fresh Prince, Will Smith into their cult. If you’ve never noticed, low self esteem can be a driving force behind a movie star’s motivation to be famous, so its not a surprise that so many celebrities fall for this con. I honestly feel bad for Smith. He seems like a decent guy. Now, he’ll be spending huge amounts of money and decades of time to receive validation from a e-meter. That’s just sad.

If put on trial tomorrow the Scientology cult wouldn’t pass the truth test. Like every other cult they would never survive scrutiny. Life is an emotional ride when you become desperate for an answer, and you can bet the house that the con-men controlling him are fanning those desperation flames as best they can. Right now we could show Will Smith the facts of Scientology, but it wouldn’t be devotion if anyone could dissuade you with facts.

Try telling the widow and mothers of the men who gave to their last in Iraq; try telling them it was all for naught. Try and tell them their sons died for one man’s vanity. You can’t. It would be hurtful and you probably don’t want to be an ass. Truth and facts don’t always matter. Try telling a Scientologist that the last ten years of devotion has been for nothing.

So here goes Will Smith, lumbering through life with a dumb-ass look on his face (see Tom Cruise) believing in a reality that doesn’t exist. His future is lost.

Is he happier?

That’s the question I kept brooding about for a long, long time. What if this nonsense makes him happy? It strikes me very unusual for people to be walking around with big shit-eating grins on their face. It seems unhealthy to believe you are really, really happy all the time. Are they drugged? Maybe I should be drugged? Who’s to say that’s a bad thing? Is he really happy or is he working fervently to be happy? How long can you do that? SERENITY NOW!!! SERENITY NOW!!! SERENITY NOW!!! Serinity now was the answer to my quesiton, Is he happier? No, he’s not.

So, I turn away from Will Smith. I know it isn’t right. It’s like listening to a couple fight in the next room. When you call the cops? Did he hit her? Why does this Scientology cult still receive tax exempt status? Did someone at the IRS get paid off?

The Mormon Cult

As far a cults go, this one has been breeding those nightmare, children-of-the-corn, people for waaay to long. Unbeknownst to most, there is a theocratic state among the fifty. I often wonder how the state of Utah would respond to missionaries trying to convert their citizens to the not-so-crazy version of Christianity. Mormons don’t have a great track record of tolerance and if you want to piss off a Mormon, just mention that you are so very sad that genetics proves the Book of Mormon to be a lie.

The Mormons teach us that it doesn’t matter how nutty your belief is, as long as oblique happiness is a byproduct. Why wouldn’t you be happy? If you can talk yourself into believing the unbelievable then you can certainly force yourself to believe this blind faith is making you happy.
The problem with cults isn’t that they distort truth from just a few, when the faith grows to several million and becomes institutionalized, truth becomes the handmaiden to mental illness. How long can you lie to yourself before you. . . .SERENITY NOW!!! SERENITY NOW!!! SERENITY NOW!!!

Let’s say you’re a young girl, growing up in Utah, under the Mormon faith. How much free-will do you receive from this religion? Not much. It’s brainwashing on a massive scale. It’s sick, it’s twisted, and God would never want women treated that way. We should be sending missionaries to Utah in hopes of liberating these women. Between God and family, I don’t imagine they have the option to take another path. Feeling trapped.

Built on Lies

Cults are built on lies and run on power and money. Mormon men have had a long history of working toward controlling women. Multiple wives is only a symptom of a much larger cultural problem. By proclaiming it “God’s will” how women behave, they have institutionalized slavery for the believers. Those that don’t believe are institutionally disavowed. For the “Church” of Scientology it’s more about money, with church members using “any means necessary” to fight enemies of the Church of Scientology. Don’t believe me? Please, please read about the Cult of Scientology in this Time Magazine Article: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

There’s much, much more at:


In March of Last year I reported on one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It’s the story of Anonymous. Who is Anonymous? We all are, but in this case it’s a group of students and young people that have taken it upon themselves to announce that the Emperor of Scientology has no cloths! What makes Anonymous so powerful is that they are organized throughout the internet, thousands of them. They are nothing more than a group of decent people that can understand hypocrisy. They understand the difference between right and wrong. They believe we all have the right to fight against the evil, that is, Scientology. And I’m in love with my Anonymous pin-up girl. Anonymous unrequited love. Never a good idea.


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