Sarah Palin – The Spinal Tap Candidate

I still can’t stop laughing. A press conference in front of slaughtering turkeys? Is this really happening? Yup. If you’d like to watch for yourself, here is an unedited version, but if you get squeamish watching turkeys being killed its not worth it: ( )
I can’t bring myself to be upset at the sight of a turkey being killed. I’ve digested too many of his delicious brethren to betray my hypocrisy now.

On the political savvy scale – 1 to 10, how savvy is killing animals in the background as you talk about not being out-of-touch? One (1) being, “Bill Clinton savvy” and 11 being – “Spinal Tap Republican.”

I immediately smelled conspiracy with behind-the-scenes conversations like, “Okay Ma’am? Just stand right there.” Whispered: “Okay, Earl? When she starts to talkin’, you get to slaughterin’.”

Officially, beginning right now, this is my favorite press conference of all time. This gets my Krusty Brand Seal of Approval. But it raises so many questions. Shouldn’t all press conferences be held in front of turkeys being murdered? The sight certainly took my mind off what she was saying. Everyone’s a winner, you bet cha.

If you haven’t noticed, Sarah’s response to the “What do you read?” question is eerily like “but these go to eleven.”

What is the Sarah Palin story?

Maybe this isn’t even about her. Ripped from the headlines, it’s the story of a young African witch doctor living in Alaska and his magical powers to propel a mildly retarded beauty queen from Mayor to President of the United States inside of four short years, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids. (I’m hoping to sell this as an episode of Scooby Doo.)

Or is this the story about the Jacques Clouseau of politicians? Think The Pink Panther meets Wag the Dog. Or is it, The Sarah Palin Story – Smell the Glove meets The Candidate. In the end, she taught us how to love again. No, wait,. . . . . . In the end, she taught us all how to hate again.


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