McCain’s McCarthyism fueling the next McCon-game

Mavericks are not leaders. Mavericks just run off and do whatever they want. I can’t help but watch in puzzled amazement as the McCain campaign continues to accuse Obama for knowing someone. I won’t say who because McCain/Palin can’t bring him/herself to say Valdemort’s name. (What’s up with that?)

Innuendo politics of McCarthyism first strikes me as silly. But the more I think about it I find it a sad commentary on the state of this country as it accentuates the Republican’s underground army of ignorant, right-wing, hillbilly, sky pilots jabbering into heaven. I like to think of them as the great unplugged. They don’t want internet access because that’s where the sex devil lives. Others just seem to oooze crazy – like Christopher Magavero a sheriff’s deputy in Florida who was just fired after confessing his undying love for a 13 year old. (School officer confesses love to 13-year-old student, gets fired.) I’m pretty sure I saw him shaking McCain’s hand.

This new guilt-by-association strategy is like watching red-neck rubes get caught up in pyramid scheme. Anyone who’s been around can tell you it’s a con game, but it’s too late once you’re already invested. “How dare you impugn the obvious righteousness of my leader?!?”

The Great American McCon Game

With throngs of McCain supporters chanting hate, cynicism starts to envelops me. I’m having daydreams of selling pet rocks and fuel additives guaranteed to increase your gas mileage to 140 miles to the gallon. Or maybe I just need to send out 10,000 dry cleaning bills to upper class restaurants demanding recompense after the waiter spilled wine on my shirt. If only I could bring this con to a higher level, you know, like McCain’s new mortgage bail-out scheme.

Rachel Maddow tells the truth.


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