>The End is Near

>The World is going to end.

Doomsday: Sometime in May of 2008. . . . . . just thought you’d like to know.

Since Autumn of last year “True Russian Orthodox Church” decided the world was coming to an end and in “True” apocalyptic fashion, crawled into a hole in the ground. All 35 of them – including 4 kids and an infant – crawled into some kind of underground bunker and refused to come out – about 400 miles southeast of Moscow. As an added bonus, they are threatening to blow themselves up if anyone tries to bring them out.

From November 15, 2007:
Sect Waiting Out Doomsday in Penza Cave

Will this wind be so mighty as to lay low the mountains of the Earth?

Answer: No.


One response to “>The End is Near

  1. >Great post, Tommy! And I know the world is going to end. In fact, scientists just the other day told us that. They’re not sure when, though. It could be 8 jillion years down the road, or just a few billion years.But, one thing they are certain of, it will all end as the sun burns out and we go pffft!Sheesh. Just when I was having fun, too.

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