Gothy Goths and the Goths who Goth them

Try talking to someone less than 25 years old about politics. A glaze will fill their eyes. They may speak, but what comes out of their mouth will be something they heard from their parents without any depth to its substance. Just as vexing is when they regurgitate something they heard from the idiot box.

Brainwashing children isn’t difficult. If you tell them a fat man comes down the chimney and leaves toys every year on Jesus’ birthday, they’ll believe it. Tell them their lord and savior is Republican and they’ll believe that too. Naive kids and Republicans seem to share that ability to faith their way thru facts.

I’ve been a life long Democrat but I’m not so naive as to believe that if the next President is a Democrat things will change enough to make a real difference. Hillary is genuine. But she’ll be fighting the same D.C. beltway trench warfare as Obama if he wins. The economy is tanking. Special interests still owns Congress. Even if the next President desires change, there won’t be much to work with.

Meet the new boss, she’s the same as the old boss. Hillary Clinton will be the next President.

It looks like the nomination is split. That means the next President will be chosen by 796 super delegates. 796 hard core Democratic insiders that have known the Clinton’s longer. They know what to expect if she is elected. Mostly, they’ll be secure in their position inside the Democratic party if she is elected.

The down side:

Obama has done an incredible job of bringing in support from young and inexperienced voters. Great. The Democratic party needs them. You know he’s struck a chord with today’s youth when they start thumping the Kennedy drum like the Republicans beating the Reagan’s tired carcass.

But what about all those young Obama supporters? What happens when they produce more votes for Obama and Clinton gets the nomination? Think they’ll feel betrayed? They should. I know I do. I thought Democrats were against this sort of thing. At least that’s what they said when Bush stole the election.

Mark my words; this time next year we’ll be hip deep in Goths, Emos and returning servicemen from the stupidest war in history. Cynicism alerts will be broadcast every hour between ads for Girls Gone Wild and American Idol. Black eyeliner and hair dye will be flying off the shelves. Tattoo parlors will have lines around the block. I’ll be putting all my money into black trench coat sales.

When will these kids learn? Their vote doesn’t count. They should all be at the mall buying crap you don’t need. Like a Goth Barbie.


3 responses to “Gothy Goths and the Goths who Goth them

  1. i dont know how i came across this, but you’re a fucking ass hole; an ignorant one at that. how old are YOU!? i can’t believe anyone over the age of 25 would be posting blogs making fun of labels. for your information, most kids know that their vote doesn’t count. whatever you’re trying to prove is pointless. you’re making fun of people for how they dress…well im making fun of you for how you think.

    it’s as easy to brainwash any mindless person as it is a child. no one needs your negative usless input about the government.

    i’ll have you know that most of my beliefs follow the democratic guidelines and my whole family (the people who are brainwashing me) are republican. so thank you for assuming that every person under 25 is a robotic, brainwashed, useless waste of flesh, that lives to take ideas form their mommy’s and daddy’s.

    ps. im a 15 year old non gothic, non emo, non stereotypical, athletic, normal dressing kind of human being who has her own mind.

  2. I agree with all things said by the previous comment, save the part about you being an ‘ass hole’. Yes many of the things you said are assanine and wrong, including the very hilarious stereotype of goths and black trenchcoats. The whole article is laughable at best.

    Also i love the picture of the fat goth guy that you have. I have a feeling that it is infact you, being jealous of thinner more attractive gothic guys that can actually pull off the long trenchcoat look. it is simply unacceptable. (yes i know this paragraph is incorrect, but it is still funny and i feel as though it will bring a smile to others)

    Now, please do your research. you will find that over 60% of the gothic population of America is over the age of 21, and many are well into their 30s, 40s, and even higher in age. If you really want a ‘trend’ to make fun of and bash, please do refer yourself to EMOs, of which there is also much research you can find.

    If i had told you the following statement at the beginning, you would not have even read this comment. I am a 19 year old, game design major, long black haired, democratic Gothic male. You can learn plenty about me simply by opening your eyes.

  3. This is Hilarious!

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