Never, in the history of the world, has a wall or a fence worked to keep people out. Smuggling tunnels have been found all across our souther border for years. The entire ‘wall concept’ doesn’t work. A wall is just spending more money after bad. To make the wall work, we’d need half a trillion dollars, which is much more than this country loses from illegal immigrants. But for only 55 million dollars, Chris Simcox, founder and president of the Minuteman Defense Corps is going to get the job done.

If you read some of my other entries you many notice that I enjoy a good con game. A ‘good’ con game is when the victims are their own worst enemies. Chris did is what every good con man does. He sold the impossible dream. In his case, a 2,000 mile, 14ft high Israeli-style fence equipped with a moat, video cameras and razor wire to defend the U.S. from those horrible Mexicans looking for work. And the whole thing could be yours for 55 million dollars.


To his credit, he knows his audience. Using the battle cry, ‘if our government won’t fix the problem, we’ll do it ourselves,’ he rased a huge amount of cash. When asked by his redneck, Billy-Bob Bubba minutemen employees where the money is being spent, he fired them. Phone calls to the Israeli fence company and other companies Simcox said he was affiliated with denied any knowledge of Simcox or the Minuteman Defense Corps.

This is actually one of the simplest and most effective cons ever devised. As owner of this cause, Chris can spend the money in promoting the cause, thereby allowing him to live lavishly in the pursuit of this promotion. He could effectively play this con for years because, by definition, it’s not against the law.

The victims of this con couldn’t be a sorrier bunch of som-bitch haters. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and I’ve only known Mexican immigrants as hard working and decent people which is more than I can say about the white people I’ve known. For the Minutemen, Mexicans walking across their property in search of work are the pinnacle of the problems with this country. Not many thinkers in this bunch. http://www.minutemanhq.com/hq/

If you are wondering why I am so anti-Minutemen, there’s a story behind that. A few years ago I was in Eagle Pass, TX where I ran into a dozen of these morons in a local bar. They opened up to me when I told them I was a screen writer and bought a round of drinks. One of their best ideas, (according to the top thinker of the bunch) was to erect a series of automated towers around the border equipped with a sniper rifle and a high powered video cameras. They got the idea from the recent invention of internet hunting. The grand drunken idea was to hunt Mexicans. I shit you not. They actually thought it was a capitol idea to murder by remote control. All I could think of when they were telling me their brilliant plan was that crazy old man that lived in East Austin who shot a couple of teenagers that kept walking on his lawn.

So, Bravo!, Chris Simcox! You’re doing a fine job. As far as I’m concerned, you are a modern day Robin Hood. Taking money from racists doesn’t bother me so much. Although, you might want to consider building something bigger than a cow fence so you can show that you are actually spending some of the money on your cause. And you need to hire more illustrators to show what the fence will actually look like. There isn’t many readers in your audience.

Chris, I’m giving you my Krusty Brand Seal of Approval.


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