Is John Goodman really about good policy for the American people?: NO.

And no, this is not about John Goodman the actor. It’s about John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Ever since the movie ‘Sicko’ has been out, John Goodman has been paid to write these inane opinions about our health care system. The latest was featured in the Kansas City Star:
Opinions like Goodman’s are easy to come by. They are bought and paid for. John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis can be placed in the same category as spokesmen for the tobacco institute. The National Center for Policy Analysis is a group who’s goal is to, “develop and promote private alternatives to government regulation and control.” (from their website.) They paid Goodman to be against socialized medicine, not to write about what is morally and ethically and financially best for Americans.

John Goodman points out that in Canada you don’t have ‘right’ to any particular health-care service. Guess what John? We don’t have a right here either. And if you don’t have any money you certainly don’t have that right.
Regarding healthcare in Great Britain and Canada, Goodman goes on to say, “Patients who wait often are waiting in pain. Many are risking their lives. People have to wait for care because of a conscious decision by the government to limit health-care resources.” Is waiting for an insurance adjuster here in the United States is so much better? Insurance adjusters have a monetary incentive to deny your claim and they often do. But what makes statements like this so misleading is they are complete and utter falsehoods. Wait times are just another way to diffuse the issue. The issue should be the availability of medical care, which is something that 45 million Americans are not receiving. Americans without health insurance have to wait in pain until they die. And even if you have health insurance, that doesn’t mean your medical procedure will be approved by the adjuster. And if you are not approved, be prepared to go into bankruptcy. It’s the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country.
But don’t tell John Goodman at the National Center for Policy Analysis about our lack of healthcare. He’ll just say subjective reasoning from a movie about your suffering doesn’t make for good policy. I’m sure the National Center for Policy Analysis has good insurance for John because if he has to wait for more than ten minutes to see a doctor, he might just go home and forget that he is having a heart attack.

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