Robbing banks cause lung cancer

Holy Crap! Cigarettes may be the most addictive substance on the planet. Forget heroin, forget crack, forget meth. They are now officially wimps in the addiction game. Yesterday, during a high speed pursuit, a fleeing bank robber pulled over his truck and stopped to pick up a pack of smokes.

And no. They didn’t arrest him just then. He was able to quicky buy a pack and then get back onto the road. At the link you can actually watch the pursuit on video. And it’s not like he didn’t know he was being pursued. Another car slams into the bank robber’s truck before he stops for cigs. I’m thinking he needed the pack to trade for favors in prison.
So, kids!, it’s okay to do drugs, just don’t smoke cigarettes. Tobacco is called a ‘gateway drug.’ If you smoke you could end up robbing banks so you can pay for that pack of cigarettes. Smoking is bad, mmm-kay?


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