Alberto Gonzales to Senate: Suck My Balls

Alberto Gonzales has no shame at all. There’s a different kind of absurdity involved when you lie under oath and everyone knows you are lying under oath. Why not just say, “I can’t answer your question because I forgot everything I ever knew,” and just get it over with. It’s the same thing. Or how about, “Since the Senate doesn’t have the willpower to prosecute me or the President for breaking the law, suck my balls Senator.” At what point does this farce become real? What has to happen before our Senate moves to action? The President has appointed himself Pope, Grand Wizard, and Dictator, with our Senate acting like they are a bit put out. Are they even alive? Someone poke the Senate with a stick to see if they are still moving. This entire ordeal is embarrassing. Bush wants to spread democracy to Iraq. Can we have a little democracy here in the U.S. first?


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